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The small and middle business can handle the email marketing like this

Av Rabby Hayden - 30 juni 2011 11:16
With the growing popularity of network marketing, a large number of small and medium enterprises have also joined the ranks of network marketing, but now most companies are not able to really implement good network marketing, for the simple reason can not really understand the purpose of network marketing, understand about the way but still ineffective, which also led to many small and medium enterprises with a network marketing are considered an important reason for non-essential. Effects can not be good but the implementation is not the way too mechanical.

Here we explore the small and medium enterprises and the implementation of e-mail marketing defects, the current implementation of small and medium enterprises through network marketing are bought an estimated mass-mailing software, may have a period of time that the result is not good to throw to one side. Effect is mainly due to poor understanding of SMEs to e-mail marketing is wrong, most SMEs simply try to ad-style mass mailer, a lot of email marketing experts have repeatedly stressed, but some companies guilty of any such natural error.

SMEs in more traditional business model of limited capacity to receive new things will not go to a professional email marketing service structure, not a lot of money to implement e-mail marketing, just want to use a software just to try. Repeated failures of this type of marketing slowly lost confidence, not to say that software is not good but use it properly, do email marketing the most important to take into account the user experience, if the user receives a large number of ad title e-mail will be deleted or not this e-mail clients such as mail service providers that have been lost to the shield, so send more messages that are not used, only prepared to receive the rate increase and improve the rate of open letter, e-mail marketing effect can be effectively improved.

E-mail marketing software is the key to the title, SMEs tend to overlook this point to write directly to the company name or product name, this is very disgusting to see more not to open. To do permission-based email marketing, focusing on "license" word, so that customers willing to accept the license or by the customer, if the message does not have one thing will certainly be considered spam, which involves the precise nature of email, the real the mailbox owner needs to understand the hair, the hair is definitely blind in vain.

The time required to send the message good control, taking into account people's habits, to seize the best opportunity to send, do not think it was sent, when not busy hair, this is not enough, the general delivery time is Monday Friday afternoon to the effect a bit better, send the frequency according to the company's sales plan, festivals, promotions, visiting customers and so decides to send old time and frequency. So that only a purpose to do the most targeted and effective marketing.

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