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How do smartphones influence the email marketing?

Av Rabby Hayden - 27 juni 2011 09:56
Walk into any coffee shops, libraries, bus stations, stadiums ... In fact, come to each place where you can see there are many people who browse the web on a smartphone, view the message. Smart phones, by definition, is similar to personal computers with advanced features and mobile phone operating system. The phone supports web browsing, so more and more people prefer to use mobile Internet check mail.

This is with my email marketing program has to do with it?
Popularity of smart phones for e-mail marketing is very large, the most prominent point is that you need to consider in the design of a message to the message on the phone's display case. This further increased the e-mail design limitations, Comm100 last few paragraphs in the article describes the design message to note the following, we first take a look at smart phones.

Smart phone type
When you see the article, listed here are several common smart phone may have been out of date. However, according to Canalys 2009, a survey of different types of smartphone market share is as follows:

Symbian: 47%
RIM (such as the BlackBerry): 21%
Apple iPhone: 15%
Microsoft Phone: 9%
Android: 5%
Other: 3%

If you want to send bulk e-mail, please take a moment to look at your e-mail and the phone screen in different resolutions are shown how. This view messages in different email service providers, where the display case should not be overlooked.

How many people use smartphones?
ComScore, a recent survey, about 20 percent of the recipients will read your e-mail on the phone, if you are targeting corporate customers, the rates are much higher. Read messages on the phone the crowd is further expanding and want to optimize your email marketing plan, we must not ignore this fact.

Smart phones have any effect on email marketing?
The emergence of smart phones email marketing software is the most prominent manifestations of the impact on your design team will become even more bruised and battered! We have discussed before, the message of the high demand will make your HTML email design team entangled in every possible way, and a message is not good with lots of pictures of. Imagine, if you tell the message designers, your e-mail template on the computer not only a good show, but also in a 2-3 inch cell phone screen display properly, they will react. Your e-mail in such a small screen-readable, but also can not rely on pictures, because pictures may not load.

Do not be too sad, errors there must be too. With smart phones, the recipient view the message probability bigger! Survey, compared to the computer user to view messages, view messages by mobile phone users in the non-work time to view the message more frequently. Waiting for the bus, they can view the message; the gap before the start of the meeting, they can view the message. At this time, your e-mail just to help the user to fill the empty time, and not trapped in a crowded inbox, ready to face the misfortune of being deleted.

In short, you must remember your part of the recipient will be 2-3 inch cell phone screen to view your e-mail. Then, you can also look forward a little bit, chances are your e-mail open rates have greatly improved.

I need to segment out of mobile phone users to send them a different message?
It was suggested that the user to join your mailing list often ask whether they view the message on the phone (which is more biased in favor of asking them to receive HTML or plain text e-mail message is exactly the same), and then view the message on the phone often independent of the user , send them a screen designed specifically for mobile e-mail.

But we do not recommend this for two reasons: First, only those users you list a small part, may not be worth putting in a lot of resources to build and manage a new list; Second, even if the phone enthusiast, always on the phone can not view the message. Thus, if you give those users send screen designed specifically for mobile e-mail, and they are open on the computer this message, then the result can be imagined.

In fact, there is no need to open to independent mobile phone users, as long as the e-mail designed to be simple in place to ensure that the phone will not open on the mess on it.

Aware of your recipients may open the message on the phone, e-mail marketing in the implementation of the plan is becoming increasingly important, if you do not consider this factor, your e-mail marketing program's effectiveness will be affected. However, a small number of mobile phone users, after all, you still have to focus on computer users.

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