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The outstanding free coupon code promotion by email marketing

Av Rabby Hayden - 24 juni 2011 10:21
According to Experian CheetahMail email marketing software survey, more multi-channel retailers in the first quarter of this year's free shipping promotion.

The study showed that with free shipping as a common incentive, retailers such marketing methods should be carefully planned and carefully for when to provide transactions and transactions of the objects to choose. Free shipping for email marketers to provide basic data and analysis, this report will be provided under attack in the next week.

The study found that online companies in various industries, of which 70% of the companies that provided services for the e-mail, products and services, catalogs, advertising and multi-channel retailers, such as providing free shipping, the conversion rate is higher than other types of marketing messages high. In those with a higher conversion rate of 70% of the respondents, 78% of people found trading on the click-through rate (transaction-to-click-rates) has increased, because the free shipping offer e-mail marketing messages than the other The average order amount above 47%. Trading on the click-through rate is calculated as: total transactions divided by the number of visitors click on the message.

Free shipping e-mail marketing effectiveness varies with the industry, including consumer products and services industry the most profitable. In this industry, free shipping e-mail transactions for e-mail click-through rate than any other marketing message an average of 60.7%

To establish the most profitable, most successful free e-mail delivery service, Experian has the following recommendations:

• Highlight the appropriate product. Experian report, free shipping in the product backlog of cases is often ineffective. Marketers should be interested in free shipping and consumer products together.

• restrictions on the free shipping. Free delivery continues to provide, may weaken its effectiveness, Experian said. Provide short-term offer free shipping offers are usually more effective than long-term.

• breakdown of e-mail. According to the subscriber's interest in the product, the subscriber list is divided into several groups, the members of each group were then offer free shipping.

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