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Av Rabby Hayden - 23 juni 2011 04:13
Email marketing plan from newsletter software can be a good future for your e-mail every step of the integration of marketing and business network business network EDM School will e-mail marketing, making a series of problems encountered in the process detailed answers and analysis. First, let's look at how to plan your email marketing.

The first step: know your e-mail readers

Before you start to carry out marketing messages, you need your e-mail marketing, a definition of future readers. Once you understand your audience will be what kind of attitude to reading your mail, you will well know how to address the customer's appetite to send mail.

Who is who you want to be your first reader e-mail marketing? Is the leading business or personal? Existing customers or future customers? Is a family or for friends?

If you have a good definition of the group you want to send, you can even write down the characteristics of these groups, sometimes the message header or message of some of the key words of description that allows you to group your messages greatly interest. This will help you keep your message fresh content to keep people in the group, and ultimately help you through the entire email marketing process.

Step Two: Know your purpose for email marketing

The first step, you know your e-mail marketing, and who will engage in dialogue, then you should try to look at yourself. What do you want the e-mail marketing step? Or your e-mail marketing What is the purpose?
You can plan based on the following three questions:

Why is your mail reader want to read your mail?
What kind of information is your readers want you to offer?
How kind you want to do your own e-mail marketing?

The purpose of your problem with the combination of these three programs will guide you to the general outline of your message. When you are not sure whether some of the content included in your message, when, looking back three questions and re-planning. Preparation may quicken the work, after all, only planned everything in order for you and your company in the future the pressure becomes smaller.

The third step: to develop your email marketing goals

The development of some short-term goal is more important to carry out email marketing tips. Formulation of goals will be monitoring your e-mail marketing activities are carried out smoothly. After all, practice is the sole criterion for true knowledge. Allows changing the target - you may carry out in the first year of marketing, when you want to subscribe to one degree or those who focus on your mail open rates in the first year from a few percent up to a few percent, Or e-mail marketing, conversion rate of profit a year ago after a few percent up to a few percent a year. The ultimate goal is to expand your marketing by e-mail promotion, and ultimately profit.

In carrying out marketing e-mail before you can plan:
Your goal
How do you accomplish your goal
How do you ensure and maintain your goals

The fourth step: the development of the frequency of your mail

After all, every e-mail marketing for a certain period of time to send group e-mail is not the same. This is also a message for your business design team requests, how to design a variety of messages. The frequency of mail in the mail marketing is also crucial. Sent too frequently, may cause the recipient's tired of sending the frequency is too low, so that the recipient may forget whether he subscribed to your e-mail, making it possible that he will click on the "this is spam." This is the enterprise do not want to see.

If your product is a replacement service and very fast, and old things there is no appeal, such as clothing, you can send the appropriate increase in the frequency. A recent price reduction or discount your promotional activities more frequently, this time the mail is the most valuable, once a week, twice a week or once every two weeks is possible. But another scenario is if your company's product change is not fast, for example, electronic products, the heat in the market has not reduced the time to send in this time is obviously unwise. So you can plan not three weeks or once a month to send.

The fifth step, the development of your schedule each day

Although e-mail marketing is a relatively fast changes in activity, it is not no tricks to follow. Timetable allows you to act in accordance with plans, in the face of unexpected situations, they also can be a good deal. The following is the provider for the e-mail marketing network EDM developed a sample schedule, please refer to:

First day: For each group, to collect and write down your e-mail sent this week, the theme and content, if necessary, send the candidate out of the picture.

The next day: write down a group for each theme and content, and select good about the picture or text to add, remember, the message content information should be consistent with the site itself.

On the third day, into the e-mail marketing platform provider network EDM are planned to start editing your message content. Check the contents of the discrepancy with the actual situation, and the message testing to ensure that the message will enter your recipient's inbox.

Day Four: Send e-mail

Fifth day: the use of e-mail marketing platform provider network EDM, preliminary e-mail open rates and link to the tracking rate of message content
Av Rabby Hayden - 23 juni 2011 04:08
As long as you have the email marketing software for your newsletter sending, you could do these six ways to soar the efficient in the email marketing.
1 to provide more value

Today, users for e-mail communication increasingly high expectations, they want more value, so the first principle is: to find new ideas to provide more value than the competition. One important thing is not just a simple marketing to persuade customers to buy products, but to improve customer education. Why is it worth to buy based on product characteristics related to the specific background, or even associated with the introduction of complementary products, although some products may not be the company's flagship product, but this will attract more users to register, click on e-mail, browse the web shop and view relevant information, thus creating a huge commercial value.

Statistics show that users typically only tolerate up to 15 e-mail business information, including credit card shows and the latest information on their children's school. So this is a zero-sum game, if you want to grab one of the 15 seats, they must pass more value.

2. To timely feedback on the new user

Companies must have a specific e-mail to receive all the user feedback. This requires a person responsible, even if not a registered user of the inquiry, should also be back, because they are potential users, have great value. Perhaps the feedback received each week simply very small number, but can not be taken lightly, because it means they have an interest in the product, to ask questions or feedback, it is likely some of these people is the most valuable users.

In general, large-scale marketing activities before the end of 30 days to 60 days registered user is most active or most effective users. Once they were registered, need to send the message immediately thanked, in order to establish a good relationship. Since then, according to the user's interest in e-mail to provide more relevant content, so they will receive each day dozens or even hundreds of messages you send selected information, and respond. Give some small gift is usually very effective, for example in order to encourage first-time buyers and give a 10% discount, 60% of cases are effective, conducive to maintaining good health, and user relationships and attract They are concerned about the next step offers.

3 Know your registered users

Although this means to browse thousands of e-mail address, but this laborious work is indeed necessary, it is because: 1) You will know your mailbox user will choose which order to take some measures to avoid be deleted as spam directly, or according to different characteristics of each mailbox to be more eye-catching. 2) If some people are using the company mail, you can roughly understand the industry they are engaged in, in order to provide more targeted services. 3) to correct obvious spelling errors. 4) If there is competition mixed in there, it can be deleted.

4 According to the mailbox feature to optimize message content

Most email users that? Gmail, Yahoo, or E-mail? Need to distinguish clearly and make the appropriate adjustments in accordance with the order.

If you are a Gmail mailbox, you should not blindly click on send, but to understand the Gmail mailbox as some of the characteristics to adjust the title of the message, the content of the color, font, size, etc.; if a company mailbox, it is very value, which will determine the nature of your e-mail, such as a B2B or B2C,.

5 user segment

Now there is no longer one size fits all approach to marketing, you need to deliver the information you want to segment users. There are already some of the more sophisticated market segmentation technology or software (a lot of mail providers allow messages with the relevant analysis code), may be worth trying, but the most important of all, to be innovative.

You can track who opened product information e-mail, or did not even opened the customer information; also able to track orders that have already handed over a fee, or no paying customers; or those who read messages but have not buy, they are worth to look good.

There is another "front end" analysis of market segmentation, that is logged in after registering users, appropriate to ask some questions. In general, as long as is not difficult to answer multiple-choice questions, users are generally happy to answer at least four questions, including their phone number given or email address.

This time you can be broken down to the user's intent, such as why the information users want your product or business news? She or he your information for? You can even make phone calls further marketing or SMS marketing. A wide range of tools make our customers with personalized e-mail as possible at the same time, customers are more willing to accept such information. Amazon online bookstore, through the customer's shopping history to customers who are willing to accept the proposal to send an email and recommendations, which won many loyal customers.

6 for large customers with more concessions

Major customers are the most valuable of all registered users of the group, so give them preferential treatment will be more, usually at the next purchase they offer 20% discount, or directly by $ 100. Of course, you will find that occasionally a few users may only purchase $ 101 of goods (on average, these large customers would buy $ 350 of goods), but it does not matter, first of all, many big clients do not often use these benefits , and if they enjoy the benefits, they usually average $ 1,000 to buy goods, so that the satisfaction of all.

Moreover, according to the characteristics of these customers, combined with Email Marketing convenient, fast and can provide some of the time-sensitive information. For example, the travel company Travelocity has continually sent to the customer is called "Online booking" email, you can give customers real-time updates when needed for ticket information.
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