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How to avoid the pictures in the email shelding?

Av Rabby Hayden - 21 juni 2011 09:06

Because all mail client and ISP restrictions, in the newsletter software, e-mail recipientsoften can not see you well-designed picture, in which case how to handle it?

1 enclose the text in the picture in the vicinity, including company information and your name, so even if the image is masked, the recipient can still understand basic information and the sender of the message is about.

2 e-mail instead of a URL, insert a picture directly in the message is a much greaterpossibility of shielding.

3 the first paragraph do not use pictures, first introduced the center of the message, the recipient had an idea.

4 Repeat offers, people tend to be more accustomed to click the link in the text and notimages, so the link given in the text with eye-catching and to be repeated, the effect will be good.

5. Create a separate login page, the page's content and message must be consistent with the promotion.

6 titles and sender address to be able to arouse people's best interest, because these are the first to see the user's e-mail message.

7. Might in the message please put the address of the recipient to your Safe Senderswithin, so even after the image can be automatically sent

Finally, the receiver will allow you to apply for the Safe Senders list, this will become a safe sender. Any time in the future, your pictures will be downloaded automatically.


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