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Av Rabby Hayden - 21 juni 2011 09:09

Many proven business marketing get a new customer is much higher than the cost of maintaining old customers with the cost, and customers to the business benefits of not less than, or even higher than the new customer benefits. So, we spend much true that point thought to be the guardian live in our old clients?

Newsletter software is not only a way of business promotion, but also a maintain old customers and establish a good corporate image means. But many companies find that their mailing list becoming less and less active, according to background analysis tools will find a lot of users is no longer active, and even become "dead" users for this situation, companies that do? This article will share with you activate the "sleep" the user's skills, we want to help.

Prior to the sharing of skills, businesses need to do is, through the mail platform tools to filter out those who are not active customer list, such as the recent no open, click the e-mail client. Only clearly aware of these inactive customers, companies go to these customers to take a targeted activation method.

Method 1: the use of certain drastic measures to wake inactive customers. Want to activate these inactive customers, then we need some incentives. For example, inactive users to send an activation email, through incentives to attract members of the focus points, the message is about "We miss a day of your return to our midst, including any purchase of two items, you can get 30 points reward. "

By tempting incentives, not only can effectively wake inactive users, increase sales, but also can enhance the user's brand loyalty.

Method Two: thanks to the customer to send the message. When using e-mail marketing, customer care should not be forgotten. For those inactive customers, we can send them mail, express them in their care and appreciation, while listening to voice of the customer, to understand the reasons for inactive customers. Here, the message must be prominent for the user "tailor-made". The following is a Paypal case.

Paypal e-mail Subject: We miss you, [user name]! The theme is "We look forward to hear your voice!"

Method three: to continuously improve the aesthetics of the message template. Obtained through many years of experience in email marketing, beautiful simplicity of the message template more accessible to the customer's loyalty. By testing different mail template, you can get the most customers preferred mail template to improve order conversion rate.

The above three methods is the most frequently used and most effective way. Filter out inactive users regularly, and promptly send the activation email to awaken them, the e-mail marketers must strive to do.

Spring has come, let us wake up "sleeping" customers, to meet another new high corporate profits!

Av Rabby Hayden - 21 juni 2011 09:06

Because all mail client and ISP restrictions, in the newsletter software, e-mail recipientsoften can not see you well-designed picture, in which case how to handle it?

1 enclose the text in the picture in the vicinity, including company information and your name, so even if the image is masked, the recipient can still understand basic information and the sender of the message is about.

2 e-mail instead of a URL, insert a picture directly in the message is a much greaterpossibility of shielding.

3 the first paragraph do not use pictures, first introduced the center of the message, the recipient had an idea.

4 Repeat offers, people tend to be more accustomed to click the link in the text and notimages, so the link given in the text with eye-catching and to be repeated, the effect will be good.

5. Create a separate login page, the page's content and message must be consistent with the promotion.

6 titles and sender address to be able to arouse people's best interest, because these are the first to see the user's e-mail message.

7. Might in the message please put the address of the recipient to your Safe Senderswithin, so even after the image can be automatically sent

Finally, the receiver will allow you to apply for the Safe Senders list, this will become a safe sender. Any time in the future, your pictures will be downloaded automatically.

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