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Av Rabby Hayden - 20 juni 2011 05:52

Permission email marketing software list activity led directly to the e-mail marketing success. However, according to the EDM business network marketing experience and a large number of cases shows that the majority of subscribers from the beginning to warm gradually forgotten after three months. We found that those who subscribe to the psychological are like this, the beginning of the subscription is looking forward to business e-mail, and then gradually discover that companies provide their e-mail information is not needed, resulting in the failure of the e-mail marketing. Therefore, to ensure permission-based email list can be good to keep a good activity during the e-mail marketing is a business must be taken into account.

School of Business Network Marketing experience will remain the active nature of the message summarized in the following four points:

1, is concerned about customer service
As a retailer or business, the use of promotional products to attract consumers or subscribers to keep mail service to enterprises heat. Provides a simple promotional or marketing activities can make a long inactive subscribers to re-ignite the enthusiasm of the company. In addition, you can not give you a form in which a number of active customers to send different types of services. This will help the company collect the recipient's information. If there is no response to customers can reduce the amount sent to those active promotion of high priority customers.

2, sent questionnaires
Business Network Academy course in front of the survey mentioned the role of this re-focus reminder. The best way to find out because customers do not actively look for active reason is to ask them directly. You can create a survey form (but must be very simple and straightforward type), so if you are not active subscribers responded to your survey, then you can derive the most accurate information. This information is valuable, it will tell you accurately direct the subscriber's real thoughts than your guess at the company's multi-standard. Survey questions can be the following: 1) You know what the company, 2) where the company's products are in need of improvement, and 3) what you want to receive the information, 4) the company's e-mail marketing activities impact on the lives of your what, 5) is sent to change the frequency of similar problems. E-mail feedback will automatically be grouped these options will also be made into a table to tell companies are now more intuitive mailing list activity.
3, narrow your company's direct relationship with subscribers
Many times you will notice that there is always a fixed group of people you will get your e-mail activity is very low, and often ignore your messages. By the beginning of the registration information of these inactive people together to compare their similarities. These groups may not respond because they are a group of young people, or older people, or single-parent families, or in different time zones inside, etc., these reasons can lead to email marketing does not reply. For these groups, companies should do, of course, than these people give up, but by e-mail marketing platform, multi-group management will focus on these people, the demand for different services has the same effect of sending a message to re-activate This group activity.

4, attempts to change the way to send
If you often on the same day at the same time send a message, you can try to change the send time; or you regularly send messages to a frequency, can be more significant in the holidays or events to change the frequency to send. Or the e-mail test, for a period of time some customers are not sent, then send again to test customer loyalty is also a good way.

But to keep customers active in the list was another important aspect is the degree of your title, this business network through the Academy to complete a tutorial designed to tell you the title. In many cases, the title is to attract and retain customers an important aspect of activity. A subscriber may not open the message and the last to send a similar e-mail message header, so how the title is different and innovative enterprises in the e-mail marketing is a major task. Specific concerns about the title of your business network design courses before college.

Successful email marketing users always spend enough time to maintain a list of activity. In fact, this is well understood, because the e-mail marketing, brought the list is due in the end, while the list is your email marketing process in all the wealth.

Av Rabby Hayden - 20 juni 2011 05:48

In the email marketing software, e-mail open rates have increased the potential to improve the response rate, which requires companies to be sure to look into potential customers, mail the contents to be able to solve their current problems or provide a solution. More detailed understanding, worked out a strategy more targeted. Enterprises must understand that our customers have no objection to advertising, against a spam and mass advertising. If the ads help the customer, the customer why the objection. Of course, there are also some attention to the message in point, for example, not too much content, size, not too small, important words to use special fonts or bold or with other colors, letters outset to seize the attention of potential customers, writing smooth and natural, content to have a sense of humor, a brief letter of recommendation to join others, the use of customer testimony.

In order to ensure good high open rates and thus have a response rate of business desired results, companies must do the following:
First, send e-mail, be sure to have a thorough understanding of the customer to focus on the customer life cycle, to be able to provide according to different customers at different stages of product or service.
Second, the mail client's permission after the best, not recklessly mail. Facts have proved that roots might as well not fat, not only affect the low success rate and potential customers to your favorability.
Third, a customer from contact information to produce the final purchase, take some time. So when the message is complete the customer does not reply, should not worry. Also note that the frequency, not the higher the frequency the better. What kind of frequencies appropriate to look at specific products, different products require different frequencies.
Fourth, e-mail marketing is just a way to combine with other only better results, such as SMS, direct mail, telephone and so on.
Fifth, the contents of the message header should be consistent, do not open rates in order to improve the maverick from the title, but content is very different with the title, this open rates without any sense, would be counterproductive.
E-mail marketing we are doing is important to remember when our future is what the customer really needs, and this demand with our own strengths compliance. In this context to make some activities likely to attract customers, such as sales or discount coupons are available can enhance the efficiency of email marketing to bring more benefits to the company.

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