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How to analyze the email marketing effect?

Av Rabby Hayden - 18 juni 2011 11:08

Email marketing software at home and abroad has become so widespread, then in such a wide range of applications, how to assess the effect of EDM marketing it? So we have to influence the underlying factors from several points of departure!
Impact marketing effectiveness EDM key factors: the arrival rate, open rates, clickthrough rates. We first discuss these three factors, I believe that analysis, we will be the EDM application of more in-depth, application it will be more at ease.
First, the arrival rate:
Arrival rate of the main factors affecting the EDM service provider technology platform and integrated ISP Relations.
Delivery platform technology, processing mechanism for determining delivery time, delivery volume, integrated ISP Relations decided to send the message reception time, the amount received, whether as spam. China is currently the general rate of 95% open, good service providers can reach more than 98%!
Second, the open rate:
Factors that affect the open rates are: headers, mailing list data accuracy and delivery time.
A, the message header: The core idea of ​​the subject on behalf of, directly affect the customer is turned on first impression, a good title is to attract new customers interested in opening a key factor, must pay attention to. B, data accuracy mailing list: send the content directly related to the meaning, message content sent to interested members of the customer that you will only make these show its value, so do not go out to buy some data over the on the hair, the blind will not give you any good to send, receive hand, makes negative impact on your brand. E-mail marketing is the precision marketing, very little if your membership, you can specify the strategy to accumulate members, this will slow the accumulation of time, when accumulated to a certain extent and then to carry out EDM marketing, the effect will be beyond your imagination .
C, Sent: average delivery time on Monday and Tuesday to send better results, industry-specific applications according to the specific circumstances of the company do decide. Send cycle is two weeks to send the best one, send too often easy for customers to form a visual fatigue, and even resentment. Of course, if you are like the nature of the news, your customers have already developed a reading habit, you can send every week or every day hair. But if you are just starting to do is to engage in activities to do, the best two weeks to send one!
Third, the click-through rate:
The main factors affecting click-through rate is the template design and template formats the content design.
A, template format affect the customer opens the first impression of the overall visual feel, a sense of good templates make your customers stay longer, increasing the likelihood of clicking. A good template according to the professional design specifications, the template color, personalized buttons, etc. should be made into a very elegant fine EDM professional templates to attract users to open.
B, the template content design: each sent to different content for different contact groups to send different content. To send a good effect, it is necessary to segment the contacts, sorting the more detailed, more targeted, it is best to have a special design team to complete the marketing planning and implementation, monitoring every detail of the process, does not adjust its segment, your marketing can be effective EDM!


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