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How many contents should be contained in your emails?

Av Rabby Hayden - 18 juni 2011 11:05

Most email marketers is certainly more than once questioned whether they find the balance point. Sometimes you just insert four or five products, which may be enough, but into all products and too extreme.
The purpose of an e-mail is to convey information, not just a page view. In determining the number of products into the message must be clear before the goal, target audience and page layout. If your readers see on the screen too many and too complex things may get lost. So they need a clear call to action button to connect to the appropriate landing page, allowing the operator easy.
If you know enough about your target audience, can be broken down for them, just send them the content they are interested. Webform asked about their interest in a part of or based on their previous behavior of clicks to make a subdivision. Then, the breakdown of the target audience has been introduced specific content.
E-mail is designed to attract your readers to induce them to click "read more" or "buy now" button to enter your site. Although only a simple click but this voluntary action to prove his interest in you to do according to the results of customer analysis report click. Once the user browsing your site, as a customer in the shops. Mainly in the following three scenarios:
1 shopping
2 shops found really interesting, but also to the future
3 found no want to buy, leave
Appropriate network analysis and a combination of email marketing solutions for any marketers who have a high value in use. Here is how customers make decisions have been newsletter software:
1. You have to point something else?
(2) Come back, there are better!
3. Why come back?
In addition, you thought that in the case of 1 and 2 can "tell a friend" or "share my network" to influence and attract new users.
Summary fact, about every five e-mail users have 3 does not display images in a message and do not know how to make these pictures displayed. Remember, when you display a directory, you need to let your customers know you want to advertise what is required to ensure the accuracy of the text with text descriptions, and encourage your users to see the online description of your site.


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