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Av Rabby Hayden - 13 juni 2011 10:19

Private cars, 10 years ago in what is so far away, and now has been limited to the purchase order need to implement to curb the trend. Therefore, the current private car has become another major industry in China. Increase in the number of motor vehicles, car maintenance and car maintenance, or the rise of the current modified car is a few years we need attention. Cars, in full development, the opportunities and challenges are manifold.

Currently, for services in all aspects of the automotive emerging measures, such as, 4S shops, street washing, maintenance, quick repair shop, a large repair shop, these shops can be said of development in recent years is springing up in general. How to use email marketing software from many car maintenance site stand out, we need further exploration.

1, easy to develop a membership system

Vehicle maintenance is the process of motor vehicles must go to face. This has nothing to with the price of the car, whether you are 200 million in a luxury car, or 2 million cars, need regular access to the repair shop for maintenance. This is a stable source. In the process of repair and maintenance, can create a membership system, or to register on the network, access to email marketing, permission-based email. The advantage is that the consumer or customer form of "tied" in your e-mail marketing, effective and timely reminder or send information.

2, wide coverage

Unlike email marketing, SMS marketing, because the message is just words, no expression of any information on the car. Car care about is like, look, a majority want to have modified the car is basically a young man, their hearts are not happy with the other vehicles as well, so the appearance of the vehicles need to personalized modifications. Therefore, SMS is not up by the effect. The e-mail messages sent but can make good. Never worry they do not mail, because these are young people, are on the network and understand their favorite projects. I remember the publicity at the same time adding in the mail for free and discount information, as soon as possible to lure customers.

3, easy to get support

Cars, could be said to be the fourth family of three new guests mouth, so people are concerned about the treatment of car can be described as treatment of family members. And the general investigating the market, some people had to go to expensive maintenance 4S shop is where the technology and the supply is guaranteed. But as a quick repair shop, how to use their resources to capture market share in the 4S shop to need some special tools, such as e-mail marketing. According to market analysis concluded that in general the majority of guests are repeat customers shop, as they stumbled to your maintenance car repair shop and feel bad, so give up the 4S shop. These people certainly have a group around the car owners, so he can be said that the recommendation is no doubt the best advertising. So you can send him e-mail is to help promote, and provide certain benefits.

So the automotive industry, particularly in the automotive repair industry, if you can put to good use e-mail marketing group membership mechanisms and the extensive mechanisms for the audience to be a good lead in the industry.

Av Rabby Hayden - 13 juni 2011 10:16

Email marketing software, luxury brands are now increasingly using the following to learn more about the luxury brands how to carry out email marketing, email marketing and in the process of emerging issues.

Subscribers to the e-mail, the content-rich information on practical and timely and effective e-mail better. However, nowadays most of the brands will always ignore the different target groups to buy access to records of interest and in the past, blindly "too much" to send e-mail contains a lot of similar information.

Valid e-mail message with an invalid e-mail message any different?

Valid e-mail messages with timely, relevant, highly targeted, and information richness. On the contrary, invalid e-mail information is manifested in random, non-specific and not relevant.

What practical strategies to help luxury brands to avoid excessive e-mail?

The best strategy is to test the frequency and rhythm to determine the best for a particular target user to send time, the volume of mail, and message content. In addition, monitoring unsubscribe and complaint rates at the same rate, the subscribers concerned about the positive feedback that can help marketers come to this e-mail marketing programs for user engagement on the overall evaluation. Finally, the marketing staff to keep in mind in mind is that in the information to all customers started "bombing" before, please take into account the user to do so may result in loss of opportunity cost.

How the luxury brand marketing activities by e-mail to enhance customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn?

With all other direct marketing activities, we believe that the greatest impact on the customer life cycle most important factor in turn as follows:
1) market segmentation
2) commodity prices
3) The combination of media or channel
4) the frequency and rhythm
5) the actual creative

Luxury brands are a good balance has been able to email marketing strategy - to convey a timely reminder to the customer service but will not bring too much of nuisance e-mail?

Generally, luxury retailers and travel companies to balance the number of messages and to send promotional information related to doing well.

First, most high-end brand in the new user registration number when sending welcome message, in this "honeymoon period" to carry out the initial interaction with the user. At this stage, the consumer and the brand most likely to interact and be happy even expect to get a registration confirmation message. These emails will be sent marketers highest click-through rate and reply to messages. Therefore, at this stage is not only the need for timely recognition of marketing staff to set up and user expectations, but also to take this opportunity to pass the user's preferences, and for the welcome message in the specific content of the click access to further understand the subscriber's interest.

Second, the excellent e-mail marketers will realize that market segmentation is to set and manage the critical number of messages. If some consumers favor of the project only slightly, "standard" weekly newsletter or promotional enough to users in the market for specific products or services, the first thought of the brand. In view of these luxury consumers, marketers may be less than the high level of understanding of the user's understanding of loyalty, so send an e-mail steady style will make the brand a broader group of consumers recruited, at the right time to get these consumers ages.

On the other hand, a significant high loyalty customers want to more and more frequently related to the content received by e-mail, but many brands of low participation because of concerns that users set to send the number and frequency of low ceiling, but missed the high rate of return to this part of the user's communication opportunities. For example, many high-end hotel with us all the advanced e-mail set trigger mechanism, the user's stay Qianhou strengthen their communication, to increase customer participation, and promote the hotel's various activities and services.

We believe that the use of convenient and highly effective email marketing channels, highly targeted communications, will be access to the best way to luxury consumers favor.

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