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Industry standards, the email marketing software requires a very large place, so e-mail marketing can continue. E-mail marketing will need to meet to carry out many aspects, the most important to highlight three issues, there will be detailed later. And by e-mail marketing, in the face of many unexpected problems also need to pay attention to a number of email marketing executives.

Marketing a book on email marketing is defined as: marketing is the premise of the user's prior permission, by e-mail to pass valuable information to target users of a network marketing tool.

Here the definition of marketing, stressed on the three basic elements: user-based permission, by e-mail transmission of information, the information is valuable to users. The lack of a three factors, can not call it effective marketing.

Visible to carry out email marketing requires a certain basic conditions, especially within the list of marketing, network marketing is a long-term task in the practice of permission marketing, enterprises are most concerned about is: permission marketing is how to achieve it? Access user license There are many ways, such as user access to certain services to be registered as a member, or the user take the initiative to subscribe to newsletters, electronic publications, that is, permission marketing is to provide users with some valuable information or services as a precondition. Visible to carry out marketing need to address three basic questions: What are users to send e-mail, send e-mail what and how to send these messages.
These three basic questions here, and further grouped into three basic marketing, namely:

(1) marketing technology infrastructure: from technology to ensure that users join and leave the mailing list, and to achieve the management of user information and tracking mail and other functions and effects;

(2) the address of the user resource: user voluntarily join the mailing list under the premise of a sufficient number of users access to address resources is a necessary condition for the role of marketing;

(3) the content of marketing: marketing information is sent via e-mail to the user, the content of messages can cause the user valuable to the user's attention, effective content design is the basic premise of marketing role.

When these basic conditions are met, the order for a true marketing, marketing effectiveness can be gradually shown.

Here it is necessary to point out that e-mail marketing is a broad concept, including both established mailing list companies to conduct their own marketing activities undertaken, including e-mail through the delivery of professional services advertising. To further carry out the different contexts the difference between email marketing can be classified according to the ownership of the address for internal marketing and external marketing, and external or internal list called the list. Internal list is a business / information website launched by registered users of marketing, and the list is the use of external professional service providers or other organizations can provide professional services to provide marketing services to businesses running e-mail advertising itself does not have a user address information, management and maintenance of these users also need information. External list is a form of online advertising. List of internal and external marketing, list marketing methods in operation significantly different, but all must meet the marketing of the three basic elements: user-based permission, by e-mail transmission of information, the information is valuable to users. List of internal and external lists have their own advantages, the two are not contradictory, if necessary, and sometimes may be used concurrently.

For the external list, technical platform is provided by professional service providers, therefore, the basis of marketing, only 2 also appropriate that the potential users of the address resource selection and design of marketing content.

Carried out using in-house list of e-mail marketing is the main way of marketing. A high-quality mailing list for the importance of network marketing experience has been confirmed by many enterprises, and become an important means to enhance the competitive advantage of, so to create a mailing list of their own is necessary. Many sites have attached great importance to establish the internal list. However, good build and operate a mailing list is not a simple matter, involving a wide range of issues.

First, the mailing list and website set up usually combined with other functions, not a person or a department can work independently, will involve technology development, web design, content editing, etc., may also involve marketing, sales and technical responsibilities of other departments, if it is outsourcing, but also functional and professional communication needs of service providers.

Second, the mailing list must be a user voluntarily joined, and whether access to authorized users, is in itself a very complicated matter, to be able to increase the stability of long-term keep users, mailing lists, content must be valuable to users, the message content is also need professional production.

Third, the number of users mailing list takes a long period of accumulation, in order to gain more users, but also on the mailing list itself, the necessary promotion, marketing also need to invest considerable resources.

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Blog SEO marketing in the present should be considered for the most common form of the. Because the blog is free to read and has some people, but from an obscure blog in the end a lot of people are concerned about the blog, which is very difficult to go the distance. So how to make good use of blog marketing blog features to complete the following points need our attention.

1, a high degree of segmentation, targeting accuracy

2, interactive communication is strong, high level of trust, good word of mouth

3, the impact force, the trend of public opinion to guide the network

4, search engine marketing with seamless integration of effective

5, is conducive to long-term interests and cultivate loyal customers

Email Marketing software

1, follow the basic. Writing the basic rule of thumb is for certain. You will find many blog posts do not follow the spelling and grammar. Of course, do not adhere to the traditional publishing blog form, but if you want the reader to easily read, it is best to follow these basic rules.

2 and concise. Although not as blog writing articles considered as publication space limitations, but the reader's time is precious. They usually read a lot of friends, and if you do not directly express their views, they will not look at your blog.

3, the news value. Blog need to have news value, interesting, useful and humor. Some blog does not pay attention to these, so not ideal.

4, useful content. Newsworthy, but "useful" is the most important. People like funny things, but you are not professional, they do not subscribe to your blog, just for fun back again. You may have other strengths, such as good story-telling, this is a positive factor, but not enough to allow people to subscribe. People to subscribe or regularly read your blog mainly because of your content useful to their daily work life.

5, easy to navigate. People subscribe to a lot of blog. No time to read a times a day. So you have to allow them to quickly browse, quick to seize the article subject. If your article was full of large chunks of text, who wants to read. Article to facilitate the best way to quickly browse the list. Glance one can understand the main points. Another good way is to highlight your main points.

6, the show title. Need concise and attractive title. Not a good title, no one to see your article. There are too many articles in their feed reader, they attract attention only to their title. Of course, the content of your article and title to match.

7, first-person. This may be a blog writing and other writing, the biggest difference. Publications in general, the practice of maintaining neutrality. But the blog is different from you is that you, with thousands of bias. Express their point of view the more the better. Online there are millions of blog, it is hard to do very special, unless you write unique content, that is your own.

8, continuation of the link. Although the blog is a web portal where independent and self-contained, but it is also part of the Internet, should take full advantage of the benefits. Let other articles for your masterpiece to provide background for readers with links to further reading. Try to provide them with excellent links.

9, good editing. Full article typos, layout is not neat and very disgusting. Different from other writing, writing blog needs its own proof. Verbatim should be carefully, sentence by sentence proofreading, or even rewrite, because the future is a problem, blame yourself.

10, concerned about a good blog. Not only similar attention and your blog topic, but also to see some other good blog. Good blog will gradually emerge over time. Where do they look good, look at other people went wrong. Constantly learning, and soon you will become a model for others to learn.

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