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Av Rabby Hayden - 17 maj 2011 11:27

1, in order to provide services to customers concern

As a retailer or business, the use of promotional products to attract consumers or subscribers to keep the heat of the mail service business. Promotion or a simple promotional activities can make a long inactive subscribers to re-ignite the passion for the company. In addition, you can not give you a form which sends a number of active clients different types of services. This will help the company to collect the recipient's information. If there is no response to customers can reduce the amount sent to those who focus on promoting high active customers.

2, sending questionnaires

Business Network Institute courses in the previous survey mentioned the role of focus remind here again. Because the best way to actively look for reasons to find out that not active customers to ask them directly. You can create a questionnaire (but it must be very simple and straightforward type), so if a subscriber is not active in your survey response, then you can derive the most accurate information. This information is valuable, it will accurately tell you subscribe by direct real thoughts than your standard in the company's more than speculation. Survey questions could be the following: 1) What you know the company, 2) where the company's products are in need of improvement, and 3) What would you like to receive information, 4) the company's e-mail marketing activities impact on your life Mody, 5) whether to change the transmission frequency of a similar problem. Feedback message will automatically summarize these options will also be made into a table to tell companies are now more intuitive active degrees mailing list.

3, closer to your company's direct relationship with subscribers

Many times you will notice that there is always a fixed group of people so you have to e-mail activity would be very low, and often ignore your messages. Information is available through the start up of these inactive people together, compare their similarities. These groups may not respond because they are a group of teenagers, or older people, or single-parent families, or in a different time zone there, etc., these reasons may lead to not respond to e-mail marketing. For these groups, companies should do to these people is certainly not give up, but by email marketing software, multi-group management will focus on these people, in the demand for different services with the same effect of sending a message to re-activate This group of active degrees.

4, attempts to change the way transmission

If you frequently send the same message at the same time one day, you can try to change the time to send; or you regularly send messages to a frequency, can be more significant holidays, events, or to change the frequency of transmission. When testing the mail or, for some customers do not send in a period of time, and then sent again to test the loyalty of customers is also a good way.

But to keep customers active in the list was another important aspect is the degree of your title, this business network through the complete tutorial Institute to tell you the title of the design. In many cases, the title is to attract and keep customers an important aspect of active degrees. A mail Subscribers may not open with the last sent a similar e-mail message headers, so how in the title is different and innovative enterprises in the e-mail marketing is a major task. Specific concerns about the title of your business network design courses before College.

Users of email marketing success is always spent enough time to keep a list of activity. In fact, this is well understood, because the e-mail marketing, summed up in the end brought about is the list, and list your e-mail marketing process in all the wealth.

Av Rabby Hayden - 17 maj 2011 11:24

Our customers, through licensing access to Email is not a new thing. However, email marketing software users are interested in subscribing to the constantly changing, and some subscribers going to get more content, while some subscribers will lose interest. For the subscriber who has lost interest, and if you still going to send permission Email, not only does not work, you still keep wasting your yuan. So, in a timely manner to clean the database of licensing Email email marketing to become licensed to carry out the necessary steps. Get permission to re-conduct data cleaning is a very effective means, so will let you get a database of more healthy, and improve your ROI.

Email the following techniques to re-obtain license in the practical operation of our most frequently used strategies and rules:

1, clearly stated in the title, you will have to re-verify the subscriber whether to accept your Email. Can write the title, "your subscription is about to expire, please renew", "Please verify that your Email Subscribe to whether to continue," similar expressions, etc., this word is not too polite in general, but to do so effect, can be distinguished from those who subscribe to your subscribers are not interested in, let your Email list cleaner.

2, emphasizing the value of subscriptions, we must emphasize Email bringing value to subscribers, emphasizing the recognition missed the re-subscription could have caused the loss of subscribers.

3, explicitly add "to subscribe" and "unsubscribe" option. In this respect a lot of errors, many marketers on the page re-subscribe, it is generally placed "to subscribe to" an option, the results have been less interested in a lot of subscribers, the reasons for the inertia, and then point look, but also added to your subscription database, will not achieve results. In fact, marketers have run without fear Subscribers light, in much of our practice, we found that with "unsubscribe" button, but will continue to subscribe to add a lot more than without! The reason is that, with the "unsubscribe" button that allows subscribers feel your attention to this matter, let them feel you are serious, let them feel the license Email is valuable! Therefore, they have become a great subscription.

4, no corresponding subscribers for the second time to re-send the application for leave. In our experience, the two applications is a more appropriate number, the more likely to be complaints, the effect hand, is worse.

Operation in our practice, the above four steps, the general ability to those not active, no response to the Email address from Email list database or to remove out. Of course, this approach there are some dissenting voices, because that would be likely to generate sales into the future, now "sleeping" to get rid of potential target customers. However, after a lot of practical observation, have not found a similar situation.

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